One of my earliest memories is discovering my mother's collection of herbal references tucked away in a dusty corner of our house in Texas. Seeking refuge from my brothers, I would frequently unearth the books from under the pile of umbrellas where they hid and retreat to the fort in our backyard to study the herbal monographs and gaze at the watercolor depictions of the plants. The drawings reminded me of my grandmother's watercolors of ferns and wildflowers that lined the halls of my childhood home. From these secluded moments in suburban America I developed a deep interest in botanical medicine, which in turn led to a fascination with historical perspectives in medicine and culture. 

My love of medicine was inspired by my own personal health struggles at an early age, an intrigue into the workings of the human body, and a deep appreciation for the evolution of medicine. On my way to becoming a physician adept in the study of modern medicine, I became immensely intrigued by the historical roots of classical Chinese medicine, early Hippocratic perspectives on human physiology, and nineteenth century western botanical medicine and nature cure. I loved learning the perspectives on modern physiology in the way the science unfolded. Understanding the process of how we came to understand modern medical concepts created a rich understanding, which continues to inspire my perspectives on human physiology and disease.

I love that my profession allows me to work with my patient's in a myriad of ways. I provide my patients with options. As a licensed naturopathic doctor, I am trained in conventional medicine and offer the standard of care to each patient.  Additionally, with every patient I work to treat the physiological root of their disease. Whether it is through botanical medicine, diet, Chinese medicine, or pharmaceutical intervention,  I treat each patient based on the physiological basis of their condition.  

I work with individuals in all stages of life with a variety of health conditions. In addition to helping treat acute and chronic disease, one of the best parts of my job is connecting with my patients through a variety of their own personal life experiences.